Fialdestiny Fialdestiny 28 August 2015

Request - LOH3 Character Template Creation

Could someone make a character template for LOH3 Song of the Ocean? It can be as simple as the one for LOH4 Tears of Vermillion click here. Anything would help greatly.

I don't know how to make one. The tutorials don't really help because they seem really outdated. Of course, if you could link me to a tutorial that actually helps, I would be willing to watch that.. but I'd probably still have trouble making one even then lol.

But anyway, if anyone who has knowledge on making them has time, it would be greatly appreciated if you can make one so I can start adding information for LOH3. Thanks in advance :)

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TheUnseelieCourt TheUnseelieCourt 7 July 2012

Creating New Pages

As everyone knows, this is a wikia that anyone can edit and I encourage everyone to contribute in both the creation of new articles and the editing of existing one's. Without you, this wiki wouldn't be possible!

However, please make sure that when you are creating a new page, please try and add as much information as possible. If the page only contains one or two lines of text, it may be deleted if I do not currently have information or am not prepared in some manner to work on it. I would also encourage anyone editing or creating pages to please take a short time in checking spelling and grammar.

Please do not take it personally should a page be deleted due to sparse content. If that should happen, I will inform you and you're welcome t…

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ReverieTales96 ReverieTales96 12 May 2012

A Few Questions to ask for any high ranking officers here.

I got a few questions to ask on how I should format some pages. Please comment to give me some answers to doing this.

Question #1: "Should I make the shops in Trails in the Sky their own separate page or should I include them into the location where they are in? For example, Rinon General Goods either gets its own page or its part of the City of Rolent page. Just want to know for consistency sakes."

Question #2: "When should we change the Sora no Kiseki SC and the 3rd pages to its English Translation. Should we do this soon or wait till the games get an English release Date? Same question to the Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki pages since there is no definite way of knowing when they are being translated."

Question #3: "Does anyone have a…

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TheUnseelieCourt TheUnseelieCourt 26 April 2012

Search Engine & Preferences

Wikia has implemented a change to the search functionality. It will no longer go directly to the articles if you type the article name in. Instead, it will list the main article as well as other articles containing that word. It is also important that you check your Search Preferences and make sure at least "Main" and "Legend of Heroes Series Wiki" is checked. If it is not, you may not see any results for your search at all.

To get to your search preferences, go to the drop down box of your user name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and click "My Preferences". Then, on the Preferences screen, click the "Under The Hood" tab. Scroll down to Search and check the box that reads "Main".

This will ensure you will be able to find any an…

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ReverieTales96 ReverieTales96 5 March 2012

Anybody here

Just wondering if anybody is in this Wiki site. Sometimes if we work together we can get certain parts of each game done. Each Legend of Heroes game is pretty long so I've been wondering which game that each of you plan to edit out. This way we can split the work or work together to finish up all this info since these are one of the most text heavy rpgs ever made. I want to see who actually goes here and works on editting stuff. Much appreciated if anybody replies.

ReverieTales96 01:49, March 5, 2012 (UTC)The ultimate hack and typer aliveReverieTales96 01:49, March 5, 2012 (UTC)

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