Becky is a commoner student of the prestigious Thors Military Academy introduced in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.



Speaks with a country accent when she talks to others. She's very energetic making it hard for others to keep up with her. She loves her friends and family, and even the folks from her hometown of Celdic because she's the daughter of a merchant, and everyone there is important to her. Though she can be a bit upset at others for some different reasons, be it teasing with her, or making her worried. In the events of Cold Steel II, she was deeply saddened to hear what happened to her hometown, and Mayor Otto, making her more determined to prevent the same tragedy to happens again.

Character Profile

Student File: Year 1, Class V

Student Info: Daughter of a merchant from Celdic, who feels dejected at its current state. Noted: This is partly from events in CS II.

*Fired Up: Hearing news of the courageous’ success, she returned to her old, energetic self and joined the ship’s crew.

*Grand Market: She resolves to help rebuild the Grand Market of Celdic with her own hands…and to return alive in order to do it.