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The Archaisms (Over Muppets) (人形兵器 (オーバーマペット) Ningyō Heiki (Ōbāmapetto)) are orbal automatons created by the ancient Zemurian civilisation using lost technology. In the Trails Series, their technology was unearthed by the Ouroboros society, where the Thirteen Factories reverse-enginneered them to their combat specifications.


Constructed in many shapes and sizes, they were initially designed and mass-produced for multiple purposes while programmed under their ownership. Some are equipped with different array of arsenal to accomplish such feats. While most are common production models, there are a few advanced models for special operations.

Known Models:

This page has a listing of every type of machine model & those related or are apart of a sub-unit. Each will be separated from being either a Normal to Mid-Boss (which is given fair warning when encountering it) to Boss type of foe under the term: Rank, plus type of levels one encounters, followed by Profile Data & of which games they appeared in.

Noted: Much of this is still new & underdevelopment, but will be used for necessity on describing enemies by alphabetical order. Secondary Idea maybe of different Attacks & Effects to be wary of. Also Location, to where one finds them.

Unit Lv. Rank Location Profile Games
Beep Seeker III 80, 90 Normal CS II Profile: A support model archaism made by Ouroboros. Has cutting-edge equipment and heals and supports allies. CS II
Gespard G 58 Boss CS Profile: An assault archaism made by Ouroboros. Charges its enemies and unleashes wide reaching destruction. CS
G-Zephyranthes 59 Boss CS Profile: (Update Later???) CS
Phalanx J9 CS: 50

CS II: 76, 91

Normal CS Profile: An archaism designed to aid in conquering enemy strongholds. Fires small missiles effective against bunch-up foes.

CS II Profile: An Ouroboros archaism capable of deadly attacks, which is used for a variety of different purposes.

Regenenkopf Type-0 93 Boss CS II Profile: A prototype archaism designed for land battles. Has data on the Eight Leaves style inputted into it. CS II
R-Zephyranthes 51 Boss CS Profile: A red archaism strengthen to support the ILF’s leaders. Even more powerful and deadly than standard models. CS
Shigure 92 Normal CS II Profile: Small support archaisms used by Regenenkopf. Capable of attacking, healing, and supporting as required. CS II
Vogel XX 80, 90 Normal CS II Profile: A patrol archaism made by Ouroboros. Uses a shock laser, its main weapon, to stun and hinder enemies. CS II
Tri-Attacker HG 75 Normal CS II Profile: A patrol archaism made by Ouroboros. Reduces foes’ movement and defense with electromagnetism. CS II
Tri-Attacker R2 CS: 49

CS II: 75

Normal CS Profile: A patrol archaism released by the Imperial Liberation Front. Very mobile, and capable of machine gun and missile fire.

CS II Profile: A patrol archaism made by Ouroboros. Very mobile, and capable of machine gun and missile fire.

Zephyranthes CS: 51

CS II: 92

Mid-Boss CS & II Profile: A large archaism designed for defending strongholds. Reduces enemy numbers with lasers and immense firepower. CS, CS II


Unit Lv. Rank Profile Game
Ol-Gadia 33 Boss CS Profile: A headless knight that emerged from within the red door. It seems to be designed to serve as a ‘trail.’ CS, CS II


  • Most of the models are named from German references.