Profesor Albert Russell is the grandfather of Tita Russell introduced the Trails in the Sky trilogy. He is known as the co-founder and former factory chief of the Zeiss Central Factory, being one of Professor C. Epstein's apprentices in the Trails Universe.



A genius who is rather eccentric when it comes to orbal research. Whenever he works on new experiments and devices, his overworked focus can detach himself from his surroundings. From the after-results of his experiments, some can cause problems much to Factory Head Murdoch's chagrin. He can be a bit absent-minded to whoever comes along, thinking that Tita's new bracer friends were new helpers.

Unlike G. Schmidt whose selfishness for his research puts him ignorant of any potential consequences, Albert's devotion towards machines does not keep him from talking about them as daily conversations, showing his deep love for his family.

Character Profile


  • He was the first of Professor C. Epstein's apprentices to be introduced.