Airgetlam (アガートラム Agātoramu) is the white silver combat shell that is synchronically linked by Millium Orion in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.


Millium's personal archaism structured in similar design as the combat shells during Class VII's practical exams. Where it was produced is unknown, but assumed after Altina's introduction and her similar traits with Millium suggest the "dolls" were constructed from the same source. Developed from the cutting-edge technology from the Black Workshop, one of the Thirteen Factories Osborne acquired by unknown means. Its power source seems to run on something more powerful than orbal energy, as it can levitate at high altitudes, unleash beam weaponry and teleportation.

The armor is a unique alloy of both metallic and ceramic properties which makes it indestructible and able to shapeshift and probably refined at cold temperatures in case of overheating.[1]. Built with its own artificial intelligence, it can speak in an archaic language only its master can decipher.


Being the primary source of Millium's combat style, Airgetlam focuses on heavy strikes from its arms hence the name.

  • Buster Arm
  • Ultimate Barrier
  • Riot Beam
    • Variant Beam
  • Megaton Press
  • Sledge Impact


  • Millium nicknamed it "Lammy (カーちゃん)".
  • According to Millium's faction and Altina's debut, it remains unconfirmed to the point if Airgetlam was manufactured by the same factory, the Black Workshop.
  • Etymologically, its name is derived from Nuada (Nuadu) from Irish mythology, the first king of the Tuatha Dé Danann otherwise known by the epithet Airgetlám (meaning "silver hand" or "silver arm").

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